A Brief Biography

After gaining a Design degree and P.G.C.E. at University, I first went into teaching. In the early 90's I moved to SW France with my wife where I worked as an Artist and designer - Painting and exhibiting in Gondrin and Auch in the Gers and later in Madiran in the Haute Pyrenees. Also freelance art and design work - from Business cards to Wine bottle labels (even sign writing for a local Epicerie and Bar.) 
I returned to UK with my family and set up this new studio in Long Bredy.  

Painting mainly in oils, my recent work has been divided between small intimate still life paintings and coastal landscapes in which I try to record the ever changing weather, light and atmosphere of the location.

As a relief from land and seascapes (and harsh weather,) I produce small, quiet, still life paintings which allow me to concentrate on careful observation and in particular the representation of light and reflections.

Where you can find my work

The OldSchool House Gallery - Tincleton - Dorchester www.tincletongallery.com

Town MillGallery - Lyme Regis

Blue SkyGallery - Bridport

LazyhillGallery - Abbotsbury (Prints only)

My working method

Observation is the key to recording and hence communicating my experience within a location.

My work has always been figurative rather than abstract but I aim to give my personal response to a subject not merely reproduce the image in a photographic way. I enjoy the challenge of working ‘en plein air’ being particularly motivated and inspired by the light just before or after storms or showers and at dawn and sunset. My usual working method is to make sketches on site in pencil, pastel, watercolour or oil, sometimes quite finished and successful as paintings in their own right but more often than not they need to be quick rushed statements as a note to record my initial response to the light and atmosphere at the time. I then assemble and study these sketches back in the studio which allows me to produce a more coherent finished painting, then, if successful, I may pursue the idea as a larger piece. The difficulty is to retain that spontaneity of the initial sketch in the larger studio painting.

Although intensely observed my work is constantly tending away from the accurate recording of detail towards the impressionistic record of my engagement with the natural scene before me. I have a desire to capture the essence of the subject, leaving the viewer a greater chance to find their own interpretation and response.

My studio is open all year round by appointment. (see Contact Page.)

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